From an early age Razan Alazzouni exhibited a strong passion for all things related to art. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Razan has always been extremely creative and talented. Determined to pursue her passion formally and further develop as an artist Razan applied to The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston, Massachusetts where she spent her college years. Following a passion that always ran parallel to her love for art, Razan's education paved the way for her entry into the fashion industry, where she began designing dresses that are not only creative and original but sculptural as well, drawing heavily on her earlier influences. The Razan Alazzouni luxury fashion label focuses on giving women the tools to exude the femininity, delicacy and grace of the female form. Razan derives her inspiration from a woman’s natural poise; Each dress in her collection is intended to show off its wearer in an elegant light while maintaining a sense of playfulness.

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