Edmond Coudray succeeded in creating perfumes for all kinds of women. Among them, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt who chose the “Medulline” body cream by E.Coudray, made with patchouli and rose. As always, Edmond Coudray knew how to respond to the needs of femininity and beauty of the Women in raffined material, luxury and beauty. Edmond Coudray was a pioneer in the world of fragrances. The formulas of Coudray's fragrances have carefully been safeguarded in their archives. In 1960, the House E.Coudray developed the “bath concept” under the management of Pierre Brumeaux-Kiener, the great grandnephew of Edmond Coudray. The body creams of E.Coudray are very popular. The packaging and fragrances have been modernized while keeping true to the spirit of the brand.