Alexis Mabille launched his house in 2005 when, with the help of his family, he created his first signature ready-to-wear and accessories collection. At the time, the designer showed unisex clothes, an exploration of cuts that would flatter men and women alike. He chose as his emblem the bowtie, which he set about updating and reinventing in new shapes and unexpected materials. ‘Alexis "M'habille": from head to toe!’ The term is a pun on the designer's name as well as the French verb ‘to dress', habiller. Having earned his stripes at Christian Dior, he went on to collaborate with celebrated French houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme while he developed his own brand. Designing dresses, pants, tops and bags for women, the Alexis Mabille's luxury clothing is distinctive for blending tradition with a certain grandeur appeal and an energy that reflects the times.